Objectives We firmly uphold that school is a citadel for emerging students of substance who can serve great causes. Hence our main aim is to impart quality education, learning, knowledge and wisdom, to inculcate an ethos, a sense of mentlal accomplishment and acadmic excellence.

We strive to look with deep insight into the behavioural patterns, aptitudes and capabilities of the students, so as to work upon them, keeping in mind the individual differences, thereby enabling them to reach tha maximum output and long lasting achievement.

Our objective is to instill self esteem, dignity, discipline, decotum, virtue, presevrance, positive thinking and optimistic outlook, as these traits are the need of the hour ofr building creative thinkers, responsible citizens and dffective denizens; developing essence of humanity, global togetherness and a sense of world citizenship; thus creating a joyful today and a better tomorrow.

"May knowledge grow from more to more, our minds and hearts according well,
Let wisdom in us always propel, Let humanity in us always dwell.".

Objectives At Indira Ideal our sole aim is to render education, in fact quality education to the growing kids at the lowest possible cost by adopting advanced teaching methods. Earlier Quality Education used to be the privilege enjoyed only by the rich. But our school has brought it within the easy reach of even low income groups.

Our journey of moving on the path of excellence is 36 years old and has been quite fruitful, as we have always believed in the quality and value oriented education. We, as the institution always had a dream and passion for shaping our youth with value enriched education because this alone can make them better human being with self consciousness towards the entire community and their own actions.
It is our mission which always helps us in all circumstances enabling us to head towards the ultimate goals in mind and move forward with an optimistic attitude.

There is no singular way to success , it comes only to the ones who strive hard for it and thus deserve it. Hard work combined with zeal to excel results in an outcome that contributes to achieve our final aim.
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