Chairman's Message
Mr. N.K. Kumar
Vision without action… just a dream
Action without vision…..just passes the time
But,vision and action….can change the world…
The most radical part of human praxis is education.The capability and capacity to learn,grow,change and evolve promotes success in every sphere of life.We endeavor to develop in our students individuality with excellence in education as only thetransfer of knowledge can never be the apt aim of education,our vision hence is to empower the learning process for developing competencies and attitudes among children.
Liberal and traditional ideas mingled with innovations in science andtechnology areincorporated, so that children may unleash their fullest potential. Inculcating life skills,discipline,respect and trust are the main focus of our pedagogy. Teachers are endowed with the responsibility of being a catalyst in the process of learning.
We instill in students reflective thinking so that they may understand their own strengths and limitations,accept new challenges and roles thereby finding significance in a range of activities involving intellectual,physical,creative and emotional experiences.
The continual improvement of our students is measured through statistical analysis and accordingly an action plan is executed to ensure that every child is taken to the next level of competency. We follow the generative approach where learning is both about content and process.
Our school is proud of enthusiastic students willing to learn, supportive parents and dedicated professional staff. Our vision is to work in partnership without pupils, parents and community at large to create a positive and inclusive environment for high quality learning and teaching where everyone is valued and respected.
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